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Toward the Future of Life Science,“One step ahead” with Customers.

With heightening of social expectation, today the pharmaceutical companies face increased competition of new drug development, which leads to strong demands for the efficiency of R&D and open innovation. Corporate management is globalized and local market needs must be satisfied at the same time.
How to satisfy tightening regulations more effectively? How to establish and shorten a cycle to create better drugs that meet the diversifying medical needs? Customers’ problems are getting complex, and their requirements to ICT professionals like us are increasing. This circumstance also puts CTCLS to the test.
CTCLS’ answer is: To create a valiant solution for the customer’s overall business by increasing the products and services for clinical and manufacturing phases as well as those for laboratories that have been our strength since the start of business, and reinforcing the operations of building mission critical system and system infrastructure. CTCLS will also provide global support, in cooperation with the parent company ITOCHU Techno-Solutions (CTC) and its group offices and branches in Japan and other countries.